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Evan Lipson

Evan Lipson (b. 1981) has operated as a musician since adolescence—intuitively seeking the liminal realms in which intellect and instinct, history and myth, and creative and destructive force intersect. Drawn towards aberrant perspectives at an early age, his formative experiences were primarily rooted in extreme and often discordant forms of rock, metal, free improvisation, modernist composition, jazz, oddball pop, soundtracks, noise, and electronic music.

Samples of his music are here and video here and here

Massimo Ricci, of Touching Extremes writes, "Lipson easily stands among the best bassists I've heard lately, his terrifically strapping tone epitomizing the decision to really learn how an instrument works."

Lipson most frequently tours with Roughhousing (featuring Zach Darrup and Jack Wright). He is also active with Virtual Balboa (featuring Ben Bennett and Zach Darrup), a collaborative duo with dancer Luciana Arias, and The Flying Luttenbachers. Lipson has recently composed music for several films, as well as a number of collaborations with Duplex Planet-creator David Greenberger. He also may or may not have some degree of affiliation with an organization known as MEINSCHAFT.

Past units include Normal Love, Satanized, Wrest, Dynamite Club, Hisswig (duo with microtonal violinist Katt Hernandez), Psychotic Quartet, Early Juniata, Who's Your Daddy? (feat. Claire Elizabeth Barratt and Davey Williams), and the Weasel Walter Trio. Lipson has toured throughout North America and Northern Europe, as well as Taiwan and Japan. His music has been released on a number of imprints including SKiN GRAFT, UgEXPLODE, High Two, Spring Garden Music, and Public Eyesore.

He toured in duo with Jack Wright on the West Coast in Feb. 2018, and again in Europe in Nov. 2018. Details here: Evan Lipson/Jack Wright Duo

Lipson has collaborated with myriad artists including:

Susan Alcorn, Luciana Arias, Tim Barnes, Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Kath Bloom, Thomas Buckner, Eugene Chadbourne, Charles Cohen, Gene Coleman, Chris Cooper, Andrew D'Angelo, Zach Darrup, Robert Dick, Tom Djill, Andrew Drury, Bruce Eisenbeil, Michael Evans, Josephine Foster, The Flying Luttenbachers, Mike Gamble, Jim Goad, Mary Halvorson, Col. Bruce Hampton, Katt Hernandez, Shelley Hirsch, Tim Hodgkinson, ID M Theftable, Ko Ishikawa, JACK Quartet, Darius Jones, Rick Iannacone, Matthias Kaul, Greg Kelley, Byard Lancaster, Le Trash Can, Thomas Lehn, Lukas Ligeti, Toshi Makihara, Mat Maneri, Sabir Mateen, Wade Matthews, John McLellan, Torsten Muller, Toshimaru Nakamura, Tatsuya Nakatani, Matt Nelson, Pauline Oliveros, Jessica Pavone, Tim Perkis, Paul Plimely, Mike Pride, Jane Rigler, Gino Robair, RUINS (Yoshida Tatsuya), Stanley Schumacher, Brandon Seabrook, Shaking Ray Levis, Ron Stabinsky, Doug Theriault, Wharton Tiers, Roger Turner, Birgit Ulher, Dylan van der Schyff, Rick Weaver, Chris Welcome, Veryan Weston, Wolter Wierbos, Davey Williams, Nate Wooley, Jack Wright, and Katherine Young.

Lipson at Bushwick Public House, Aug. 2018

Selected Discography

-DAVID GREENBERGER AND PRIME LENS- my thoughts approximately (Pel Recordings) 2017

-ROUGHHOUSING/JACK WRIGHT- you haven't heard this yet (Spring Garden Music) 2017

-JEFF CROMPTON TRIO- magic word (Southern Crescent) 2016

-WREST- ingress (Milmin Punts) 2015

-DAVID GREENBERGER & THE SHAKING RAY LEVIS- tramps that go think in the night (Pel Recordings) 2013

-STANLEY SCHUMACHER AND THE MUSIC NOW ENSEMBLE- experimental music lab (Musikmacher Productions) 2012

-PSYCHOTIC QUARTET- cordyceps (New Atlantis) 2012

-JACK WRIGHT/EVAN LIPSON/BEN BENNETT- wrest (Spring Garden Music) 2012

-SATANIZED- technical virginity (SKiN GRAFT) 2011

-PSYCHOTIC QUARTET- sphaleron (Eh?) 2011
-STANLEY SCHUMACHER AND THE MUSIC NOW ENSMEBLE- way cool (Musikmacher Productions) 2010

-STANLEY SCHUMACHER AND THE MUSIC NOW ENSMEBLE- jive at 5:05 (Musikmacher Productions) 2009

-AIDS WOLF / SATANIZED SPLIT 7"- hope is a lack of information (Badmaster Records) 2009

-DYNAMITE CLUB- fusion era (Caminante Recordings) 2008

-STANLEY SCHUMACHER AND THE MUSIC NOW ENSMEBLE- don’t abandon your baby (Musikmacher Productions) 2008

-CSECTION- s/t (Breathmint Records) 2007

-NORMAL LOVE- peel s/t (High Two Recordings) 2007

-SATANIZED- sickness & hellth: the secular chansons of satanized (Badmaster Records) 2007

-KATT HERNANDEZ & EVAN LIPSON- hisswig (Milk Is For The Pussy) 2007

-MIKE PRIDE'S FROM BACTERIA TO BOYS- hang (Funhole Records) 2006

-NED MUFFLEBURGER BAND- collymore (Funhole Records) 2006

-ALEX NAGLE- flittermice of eld (self-released) 2006

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