Spring Garden Music


Olchar Lindsann & Jack Wright


Crashing Around

Samples of Olchar here and Jack here


Olchar Lindsann would be called a sound poet, but that's just a cover for creative howling --“vocal contortions & frothing at the mouth." Trigger warning for slobbering, but draws the line at spitting. Yes he does write, but he will only be scribbling on this tour behind the scenes. He's been called "A rootless cosmopolitan and cultural radical who finds scraps of solace and inspiration down by the Roanoke River"--a wanderer from the Midwest, then the UK, and back to New Jersey, but now frimly rooted in Roanoke, where he lives a relatively normal life, like the rest of us (ahem, speak for yourself...)

Jack Wright responds to the word "musician" and "saxophonist" (among others) and he too is mild-mannered in most social situations, doesn't kill most animals, and obeys most road signs. He improvises, sometimes astutely, sometimes foolishly, but never with the intent to make "music." Whatever it is, he makes more sounds on the saxophone than you are likely to have heard.

The two will be on tour end of July--Baltimore the 23rd at the True Vine; Easton the 24th at the Book and Puppet; New Haven the 25th at Crunch House; Kingston at the Art Cafe the 26th; Willimantic CT at the Record Store; and finishing up the 27th in Philly . They'll perform together vocally as a duo, and separately as well, doing whatever they please.