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Jack Wright, soprano sax solo from Toledo OH, 2011

Jack Wright, from "Barcelona solo", AS IS--Solos from Beirut and Barcelona, 2006, soprano sax

 Up For Grabs, SGM 12, alto sax, track 5

Jack Wright , soprano sax solo, Thaw, 1992







from SGM audible shadows with Johan Nystrom, perc.,

with Pascal Battus, electronics, brooklyn, April 2010

Quartet with Kevin Frenette, guitar, John McClellan, drums, Kit Demos, bass, Boston, 2009







Trio with Grundik Kasyansky, electronics, Guillaume Viltard, double bass, London March 2010



NomTom:Carol Genetti, Jack Wright & Jon Mueller
from Oct. 2005 concert    Bloomington IN



Fabrizio Spera, drums, Alberto Braida, piano, Jack
in Montepulciano Italy Nov. 2006


Alban Bailly, guitar, with Jack Wright

From Between Trio, Tatsuya Nakatani, percussion, Michel Doneda, soprano and sopranino saxes, Jack Wright, alto and soprano saxes, from No Stranger to Air



Reuben Radding, double bass, Andrew Drury, percussion, & Jack Wright, tenor sax, recorded 2005


Recordings of Jack Wright on other sites 

with Grundik Kasyanski and Guillaume Viltard, electronics and bass, studio recording in London March 2010

with Grundik Kasyanski first meeting, 2006

with Bob Falesch, Bob on electronics, Jack on piano

with Bob Falesch, piano, Jack on soprano sax, from Zeroeggie cd, Clang

with Bob Falesch, same, Jack on alto

with Bob Marsh--cello and voice, Jack on contralto cl., from the Public Eyesore cd Birds in the Hand

with Bob Falesch, Jack on piano, Bob on electronics

Select Videos

ROUGHHOUSING with Evan Lipson and Zach Darrup in Columbus OH

SLUSH FUN with Ron Stabinsky and Zach Darrup jan. 2017

WREST with Evan Lipson and Ben Bennett in Lafayette IN, May 2015

with Joe Morris and Stephen Haynes at Real Art Ways, Hartford CT Feb. 2014

with Morris, Laubrock, Wooley, Fernandez, Hall, Felix, and Barrett at the Stone, June 2014

with Ron Stabinsky, John McClellan, and Ben Wright at Xfest 2013 in Lowell MA

Solo at Outsound Festival San Francisco June 2013

CRUNCH with electronicists Andrea Pensado and Walter Wright at Sonic Circuits Festival in DC Oct. 2013

with vocalist Carol Genetti and dancer Asimina Chremos, Silver Spring MD, June 2011

with Evan Lipson, Joe Moffett, Andrew Drury , bass, tpt, drums respectively, at Freddie's Back Room in Brooklyn, May 2012

Solo at the Luggage Store, San Francisco, May 2008

with Ben Wright double bass, at the Casbah Lounge, Hamilton Ont. Canada, June 2008

with Grant Strombeck , drums, Jack alto, 2005, video created by Strombeck and others on Jack's vimeo page

with Damon Smith, double bass, Houston, March 2012

with Jacob Heule and Tony Dryer, percussion and bass, at Highwire Gallery, Phila. July 2011

with Several Wolves, Mike Szekely, dr., Matt Engle, b, Alban Bailly, g, Phila. April 2012

Rotty What, with John & Ben Bennett and the Random Movement Cooperative, at the Marginal Arts Festival, Roanoke Feb. 2009

with Evan Lipson, Johan Nystrom, Ron Stabinsky , bass, drums, keyboard, at Connexions Gallery, Easton, Jan. 2012

with Alban Bailly guitar, house concert near Phila., March 2009

with Johan Nystrom drums, at Trash Vortex, Paris, Oct. 2011 electronics, at the Red Room, Baltimore, March 2011

with Doug Theriault electronics, at the Red Room, Baltimore, March 2011

with Pascal Battus and Michael Johnsen electronics, Red Room, Baltimore, April 2010

with Claude Parle accordion, at the Societe de Curiosites, Paris, March 2010