Spring Garden Music


Mon. June 4 and Tues. June 5 at The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St. Phila., doors at 7, music promptly at 7:30pm. Free admission

This festival will be devoted exclusively to freely improvised music. The twelve musicians have already selected each other as partners, having performed in numerous small groupings previously. Only the specific formations these two nights are new, for some their first meeting. Our commitment and compatibility, proven over time, plus the concentrated form of two nights of concerts, will make this a unique experience of what the free-playing musical approach can do. That's the claim: you check it out.

Free improvisation is a music of spontaneous group interaction, a polyphonic music without score, concept, rehearsal, or leadership. We follow the tradition of not bowing to any tradition. More than that, we can't imagine what might please you, so focused are we on our playing moment to moment. That focus is our pleasure and not a rule. In this unique musical event we depend on our mutual trust and your excitement feeding back to us.

2004 No Net performance at Highwire Gallery

The event will be the third “annual”; the last was 33 years ago, so this music has had plenty of time to evolve! However, it is only the lastest in a long series of groupings assembled by Spring Garden Music, saxophonist Jack Wright’s musical endeavor since 1982. In Colorado he organized FRIO, the Front Range Improv Orchestra, in the early 90s and then "Improv Campouts" in New Mexico, which drew musicians from California as well. Later in Philadelphia, in 2004-5, came seven week-end long workshops with public performances, called No Nets (the link gives the back story of these events). The No Nets plus other large groupings have involved 65 different musicians,including several Europeans. The festival June 3 and 4 is a continuation of this history of intense collaboration of improvisers.

Spring Garden Music is the organizing tool of Jack Wright, begun in 1982. Even before then free improv had become his only musical approach. He’s written The Free Musics, a provocative book aimed at and widely read by improvisers in North America and Europe; copies will be available at the festival. The festival musicians are drawn from a pool of those he has played with, and who have also been engaged without him:

Ben Bennett, percussion (Philadelphia); Ed Cho, guitar (Easton PA); Patrick Crossland, trombone (Baltimore); Zach Darrup, guitar (Philadelphia); Joel Kromer, modular synth (Bethlehem PA); Evan Lipson, double bass (Chattanooga); Toshi Makihara, percussion (Phoenixville PA); Andrea Pensado, electronics and voice (Salem MA); Ron Stabinsky, piano and electronics (Wilkesbarre); Matt Tomlinson, bass guitar (New Philadelphia PA); Jack Wright, alto/soprano saxophone (Easton PA); Walter Wright, electronics (Lowell MA).

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